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Hello friends, today we will learn about “Expiry Day Option Trading Strategy“. The trend of trading has gone very fast in the last few years and is still going on. But most of the people lose their money in this because they invest their money without knowing and understanding, hence they have to see the loss.

Before doing option trading, you need a strategy and only after following it with discipline you can earn money in trading.

Expiry option trading strategy points

Expiry option trading strategy points
Expiry option trading strategy points
  • Which chart
  • Stick price
  • Time frame
  • trend identification
  • Location
  • Entry
  • Stop loss
  • Quantity
  • Target
  • Re-entry
  • Max risk for day
  • Max profit for day
  • Max rish for strategy

You have to trade with this time table on the expiry day.

On Which chart

Whenever you trade, do it only on the charts of Nifty and Banknifty, most of the traders do it on these charts only.

Stick price

Whenever you see a trade, buy only those with stick price expiry around Rs 100.

Which Time frame

If you are a beginner then you should trade on 5 minutes time frame, then when you become professional then you can trade on 3 minutes time frame.

Trend identification

Before taking a trade you should know the trend of the trade. It does not matter whether the trend is falling or rising, if the trend is strong then you will be able to make money easily.

To know whether the trend of a trade is strong or not, you can use ADX (average directional index) indicator whose type is simple and time period is 8 and overbought, oversold are 20-20.

Here overbought, oversold 20 is taken because 20 indicates the strength of the market trend.

If it is less than 20 then it means the trade in the market is not strong.

After setting up the ADX, use moving average on your chart whose type is simple and length is 22. (22 moving average)

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Whenever you take a trade in the market, before that look at the trend of the market, if the ADX is less than 20 then do not take the trade, if the ADX is 20 then you can take the trade.

You can find out whether the market is rising or falling with the help of 22 moving averages.

For call option

If the 22 moving average is indicating a bullish market trend and the ADX is 20 or more, then you can buy a Call option.

If 22 Moving Average is indicating you to hit the market and the ADX is less than 20 then you should not take the trade at that time.

For put option

If the 22 moving average is indicating a falling market trend and the ADX is 20 or higher, you can buy a put option.

If 22 moving average is indicating a falling market and ADX is less than 20 then do not take trade at that time.

Where to take entry and Stop loss?

Buy above bullish candle and short below barish candle.

below and above high.


To find out the quantity to be purchased, we are giving you a sheet with the help of which you will be able to easily find out the quantity. Click on the link to view the “excel sheet“.


The target you have to follow should be 1:2 and 1:3, later you can increase or decrease it as per your requirement.


If you feel that the situation is similar to the one in which you took your first trade, then you can take the trade again.

Max rish for day

If you are a beginner starting trading then you should risk only 1 or 2 percent of your portfolio.

Max rish for strategy

Whatever be your portfolio, you should take maximum risk of 10% only on this strategy. You can take more or less than this, it depends on you.

Note: This strategy is only for information, if you make loss after following it then we will not be responsible for it. 👈👈👈

When to do option trading

To do option trading, you should have a good understanding of the market. You should know about candlesticks, indicators and chart patterns. You should have a strategy.

After doing this, you should know how to follow the strategy with discipline, only then you can do trading.

When to do option trading
When to do option trading
How to earn Rs 1000 daily from trading

If you do it with a good strategy you can earn Rs 1000 or even more from trading. If you invest Rs 10,000 in a trade and get 10% return on it, you will make Rs 1,000 in one trade.

Now you might be thinking that Mohit said this so easily but is it easy? So don’t worry because it is very easy if you do it with good strategy.

I advised to get 10% return on 10000 in option trading. This is very rare where money can be doubled or tripled in a pinch. it’s not a big deal.


Hope friends, you would have liked today’s information “Expiry day option trading strategy”. Through this information, we have told you how you can do option trading on expiry day with a good strategy.

We would love it if you make money with this strategy. You can also make some changes in it like in stop loss and your target price.

If you want to get more similar information then stay connected with finbz and tell us by commenting on which topic you want the next information.

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