best investment books 2024

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Hello friends, welcome to today’s new information in “Best Investment Books 2024”. Today’s information is especially for those people who are taking entry in the share market as beginners.

Through this information, we will tell you what to do before taking entry in the share market, Which books should be read?

top 10 books for stock market beginners

Here are some important books for stock market beginners.

  1. Trading in the zone: Authored by Mark Douglas, the book is must read for both new and experienced traders.
  2. Reminiscence of a stock operator: Authored by Edwin lefevre, the books teach about market and people which enriches the reader’s life and make them a better trader.
  3. Encyclopaedia of chart pattern: Authored by Thomas N. Bulkowski, the books outline all the technical analysis chart pattern which every trader must read.
  4. Market wizards interview with top traders: authored by Jack D. Schwager, the book features interviews of the 17 most successful market beaters which covers real-life anecdotes from the trading world.
  5. Trade your way to financial freedom: Authored by Van K. Tharp, the book focuses on risk management reward-to-risk multiples, and insightful interviews with successful traders.
  6. Way Of The Turtle: Authored by Curtis M. Faithdescribes how Dennis and Eckhardt were able to find 23 novices from various backgrounds and teach them how to become great traders in just two weeks.
  7. Mastering The Trade: Authored by John F. Carter, the book covers discussions on tools and techniques for profiting from intraday and swing trading setups as well as certain trading strategies that may be employed to gain in the majority of markets.
  8. A Random Walk DownWall Street: Authored by Burton G. Malkiel, the book emphasizes well-known investment techniques including fundamental and technical analysis, emphasizing how they can help investors improve their game in the long run.
  9. The intelligent investor: Authored by Benjamin Graham the basics of the stock market are explained at the book’s outset from the perspective of valueinvestors.
  10. How To Make Money In Stocks: Authored by William J. O’Neil,
top 10 books for stock market beginners
Best investment books 2024

Share market books in hindi

Is it necessary to read book for stock market

yes, if you are thinking of entering the share market then you should read books related to the share market. If you go with the information then you will understand the share market quickly and well, due to which your chances of earning profit will increase significantly.

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should i invest

Yes, you should invest because in today’s time people’s income does not increase as fast as inflation increases. Now when the income will not increase then how will you spend your life in the era of inflation, hence you should invest.

By doing this you get compound interest on your money. Although investing is risky but if invested properly by doing fundamental analysis, you can earn good interest in the long term.


Hope friends, you liked today’s information about “Best Investment Books 2024”. Through this information we have told about the best books for beginners. To get more such information stay tuned to finbz. If you want information on any other topic, then let us know by commenting, we will provide complete detailed information for you.

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